Getting Cozy at Home: How to Spend a Rainy Fall Day

Let’s talk about how to spend a rainy fall day because lord knows we’ve had a few of them this season. We’re just coming out of what I think was 48 hours straight of rain. Not drizzles. Not clouds. Just straight up (down?) rain.

But you know what? It wasn’t so bad. Despite the fact it feels a little bit like we’re staring down a return to the early days of the pandemic* I’ve actually been enjoying this dreary, rainy days where I’m literally taking an umbrella with me just to get my steps in (yes, I’ve still been taking my daily walks, even in the rain). On sunny days, I sometimes feel guilty that I haven’t packed up my laptop and notebook and found a warm spot outside to get some fresh air, but on rainy days, I can just wholly embrace that cozy indoor life. And I love it.

*I’m thinking I should keep these two posts bookmarked to remind myself how to stay sane this winter: 5 Ideas to Break Up Weekdays from Weekends and 10 Ways I’ve Been Adding Joy to Every Day During These Strange Times

How to Spend a Rainy Fall Day

Okay, so let’s talk about how to spend a rainy fall day, particularly one that falls during the work week when you’re trapped inside, working from home, and staring out at a steady stream of precipitation. While it’s easy to get sucked into those rainy day blues, I like to think of it as a cozy opportunity to focus inward.

Get Up When You Normally Would

I get it, dreary days are tiring. There’s no sun shining in your room beckoning you to jump out of bed. But resist hitting the snooze button and get up.

Start Your Day with Movement

I’m trying to become a morning workout person. I was back when I actually went in person but it’s tough when I’m home — it’s too easy to get distracted with chores around the house and all of a sudden it’s 7:45 AM and I need to get in the shower to get ready for the day. But, on rainy days, I do like to make sure to start my day with a bit of low-key yoga or pilates just to get myself in the right headspace.

Do a Speed Clean

There’s something about rainy days that makes every bit of dust and grime stand out (or is that just me…). Regardless, I like to do a speed clean on rainy mornings. A quick vacuum, wipe down the kitchen counters, maybe wet swiffer the floors if I’m feeling crazy. It may be gross outside, but it won’t be gross in my home.

Kick Off Your Day with a Good Cup of Coffee

If it’s rainy and wet outside, I want a warm, fancy cup of coffee. That means I’ll take a little extra time to froth my milk, maybe add some flavor. Need ideas? I’ve got plenty here.

Light a Candle

Yes, the obvious thing to do whenever it’s dark outside is to light a candle. These are my absolute favorite (sorry, y’all, I’m not typically a fancy candle person).

Turn on Some Calming Tunes

Coffee in hand, candle burning, the next step to set the mood is music, right? On rainy days, I like to have a calming, restorative soundtrack going. “Indian Classical Music for Studying” on Spotify is a personal fave.

Give Yourself a Productive Project to Knock Out at Lunch

Typically, I like to walk or run an errand around lunchtime. That doesn’t seem appealing when it’s actively pouring rain outside. So, instead, I like to write down a productive project that I can knock out during lunch. Today it was reorganizing the overflow toiletries in our linen closet (we recently installed a medicine cabinet in our bathroom which freed up a ton of room as we moved items from the linen closet, but also meant there was an opportunity to organize). Yesterday it was laundry. Pick your productive poison.

Mark the End of the Work Day with a Bit of Reading

When it’s dark and dreary outside, it’s easy to let the day roll into the night (heck, that’s easy anytime you’re WFH). So, I like to transition my workday into the evening with a bit of reading. That’s been industry reading this week, getting through issues of Ad Age and Adweek, but it’s still something different than I’m doing during the day and symbolizes that it’s time to shut my computer and move on.

End Your Day with a Good Meal and a Cocktail

If you’ve made it through a rainy day, it’s time to treat yourself. Take the time to cook a good meal — or order in — and make yourself a cocktail. Light some more candles and enjoy that cozy evening in. There’s no need to go anywhere but right where you are so make the most of it!


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