Salted Honey Latte Recipe: A Perfect Starbucks Dupe

This salted honey latte recipe is not overwhelmingly sweet but it is so addictive. It’s this warm, salty, creamy taste that’s so welcome on a chilly fall morning.

Salted Honey Latte: Search for a Starbucks Dupe

I don’t go to Starbucks often on my own but, back when I was in an office, it was the only coffee shop option around (my office is out in the Virginia ‘burbs). Over the course of my many trips to Starbucks, I found my favorite drink: cold brew with salted honey cold foam. And I set out to recreate it on my own.

I’m going to put it out there right now: if I had more patience, I could have created a honey syrup and made the cold brew version (read: honey itself will not dissolve easily in a cold drink). But that’s not me, so I replicated the taste with a warm latte. If I do say so myself, it turned out perfectly…after a few tries. You’ll just need strong coffee, honey, salt, and a milk frother.

Want to go extra bougie? I sprinkle a few flakes of this finishing salt on top. If you’re local to DC, pick it up at Hill’s Kitchen

P.S. I picked this raw honey up at one of my favorite spots at the river, Where the Sidewalk Ends. Curious about the mug and spoon? I found the spoon in Austin but she sells on Etsy, and the mug is a steal from Target (sold out online but you can reserve to pick up in store!).


salted honey latte


So, let’s get to the recipe! Also, this is the first time using this recipe format…but if any of other bloggers out there know of a super user-friendly recipe plug-in, send them my way.

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Salted Honey Latte Recipe
A savory, delightful drink to warm up your fall mornings.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
  1. Brew a strong cup of coffee. I like to use a French Press or a Moka Pot. Stir in a spoonful of honey to taste (remember, honey is essentially sugar so it's going to sweeten!). Add in a dash, perhaps a tablespoon, of milk and the vanilla extract. Stir. Add the pinch of salt to the milk. Froth. Top the coffee with the frothed milk. Sip. Enjoy!

Love this coffee and honey fragrance? I picked up a Morning Buzz candle from Pretty Palm Candle Co. and it’s this drink in candle form.


salted honey latte




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