Holiday Card Address Organization: How I Stay Organized Year-to-Year

Let’s talk holiday card address organization. I remember as a kid watching my mom look up addresses in an address book so, when I graduated college, I recall buying an address book. That’s what adults do, right?

Yeah, that never…ever got used.

Holiday Card Address Organization: Google Sheets to the Rescue

So, how do I keep my addresses organized? Well, no surprise, it’s Google Sheets to the rescue and it’s super simple.

I have a Google Sheet called “Holiday Cards” though, to be honest, it could just be Addresses since I refer to it year round

Within this spreadsheet, I have tabs that keep our addresses organized in bite-size chunks. For me, it might get too confusing if I try to throw everyone into one list. By breaking them out, it makes it easier for me to, for example, knock out all my family one day and then DC friends the next. It also makes it easier for Adam to address his cards and for me to address mine (to all you partnered people out there, there’s no reason you should be addressing ALL the cards unless you truly enjoy it!). 

Here’s what we’ve found works as far as categories go:

  • Heather Immediate Family
  • Heather Extended Family
  • Adam Immediate Family
  • Adam Extended Family
  • DC Friends
  • Heather DC Friends
  • Adam DC Friends
  • Heather Friends
  • Adam Friends

The distinction of breaking out DC friends v. overall friends makes it a bit easier when we’re doing smaller chunks of cards each day. 

Then, within each of those categories, it’s organized exactly as you’d expect:

  • First Name(s)
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

Easy peasy. Now you’ve got a spreadsheet you can refer to year-after-year and you’ll never go scrolling through old text and emails again.

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holiday card address organization - holiday card addresses


Bonus: A Quick Recap of Various Card Companies I’ve Used

Now that we have holiday card address organization out of the way, here’s a bonus regarding the cards themselves.

I’ve used more than a few card companies over the past few years so I feel like I can speak to the quality. This year, we went with Magnet Street, which was a super budget-friendly option at $54 for 100 cards. However, the quality left something to be desired and I would not order from them again.

Last year we did Simply to Impress, which is another budget-friendly option, though not quite as cheap. However, the quality is good and I would 100% recommend. Had they had designs I liked this year, I would have gone with them again. I also used Simply to Impress the first year that we did a card together.

The year before, we did Artifact Uprising. This is definitely a higher quality option and one that I would recommend, however it’s not going to be super budget friendly. They have gorgeous designs and are definitely more high style.

Also, do yourself a favor and invest in an address stamp! I got this stamp when we bought our place since, hopefully, we’ll be here for a while. To be honest, I probably would have gone with the self-inking option. Regardless, it’s a great gift for yourself or for a housewarming or wedding gift!


holiday card address organization - holiday card addresses

holiday card address organization - holiday card addresses






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