Living Room Renovation With AllModern: Sneak Preview

You may have suspected we’re making some changes around the condo based on my questions on Instagram stories about contractors for kitchen counters. So, what’s going on exactly?

We’re replacing our countertop with a larger slab of marble (or quartz, if Adam gets his way) to create a breakfast bar. While our dining area is wonderful, we don’t often eat dinner there because it feels a little claustrophobic when the drapery is closed. It’s great for breakfast, for working, but we rarely end up there in the evening and I’d rather we didn’t eat on the sofa. Plus, since we moved in, we’ve both lamented not having a breakfast bar — seriously, why didn’t they just extend the countertop?!

When we finally decided to pull the trigger and get a quote, we were stunned. What we thought might be a $3,000-$5,000 project is more like $1,500. Why didn’t we do this earlier?! Now, the only tricky part has been getting out to the showroom to pick the stone. Hopefully, we’ll fit that in this weekend, and, then, we’ll be two weeks from a big reveal.

Sneak Preview of Our Living Room Renovation

Of course, extending our countertop by 10″ and adding in two bar stools means we’re going to have to make some changes in the living room and I’m working with AllModern on their Minimalist Living campaign to make this happen. You may recall I also asked recently about storage units in DC. Yes, our beloved coffee table is going to end up in storage for the time being (until we get our river house, right?!). I’ll never, ever give it up, but 42″ square is just too much for a narrow rowhouse floor plan.

So, off it goes. Along with our beloved Ikea sectional (maybe this will go to FB marketplace?!). You know, when we moved into our condo from our H Street apartment, barely anything in this room changed. It was all a holdover from our previous living room. And, now, after 4 years with it, I’m feeling like it’s time to switch things up. Note: I get that 4 years isn’t a long time, but these were supposed to be interim pieces when we bought them! 

The plan currently is to bring in a more traditional rug, but in a black and ivory. I’m still not going colorful in here. Then, I’ll do a slim acrylic coffee table that should simply disappear into the space and chrome bar stools that remind me of a pair I passed up a few years ago at an antiques mall. The art won’t actually be the piece pictured here — I’ll paint something myself — but this will be the general vibe. Then, to finish it off, yes, it’s time for a new sofa. I’m thinking something sleek and minimalist.

Now, before you become alarmed that this might look too sleek and minimalist, remember, we’ll still have vintage styling in here to balance out these pieces. The ornate gold frames will stay and I plan on bringing in the pair of low-slung, loungey horseshoe chairs from the guest room. It’ll be a good mix of new and old, restrained and eclectic — and I can’t wait to bring y’all along for the ride!



living room renovation with all modern


Thank you to AllModern for partnering on this living room redo! You can rely on them for minimal modern furniture, minimalist sofas, minimal TV stands, minimalist rugs, minimalist floor lamps, minimalist table lamps, minimalist chairs, and modern wood coffee tables.


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