The Best Women’s White Button Down: Grayson White Shirt Review

Before I get into this review of, in my humble opinion, the best women’s white button down, here’s a promo code for $25 off this Grayson shirt: use code HEATHERBIEN

I’ll be honest, for a few years, I’ve avoided buying white button downs. They get yellow, they get dingy, they’re always wrinkled, and, when stretch gets involved, they’re just the worst. I know they’re classic and, in theory, reliably chic, but I’d never found my unicorn shirt.

The Best Women’s White Button Down

Enter Grayson’s Hero Button-Up in Washed Cotton. This is actually the best women’s white button down I’ve ever tried. It’s 100% cotton, which I was unsure about at first, but it’s subtle stitched detailing and relaxed fit with a “cape-like pleat” (their words, not mine) mean that it stays beautifully draped all day, rather than turning into a wrinkled mess.

It’s machine washable, which is a huge win, and I can vouch that it actually stays white. I wore this in New Orleans and made the mistake of leaning on a bar — at Old Absinthe Bar, to be exact, my husband wanted to go there before we headed out of town. No surprise, I ended up with a stain of who-knows-what on my elbow. Well, a few minutes in Oxi-clean at home and it was good as new. That’s the kind of white button down I need in my life.

Grayson does sizing 01-05 and I take a size 02. That gives me enough room for it to feel a bit oversized, but it still looks like it fits. You can see in the photos, it’s ever so slightly bigger than my shoulders. The shirt also has enough heft to it that the collar stays up — that might be my number one requirement in a white button down and it fits the bill. I’m telling you, if I’d been born in the days of starch, I’d be all over that. 

And, it has an oversized pocket, which I love for a menswear touch.


grayson promo code - grayson hero washed button down - best women's white button down

My Favorite Feminine Way to Wear a Classic White Button Down

While I love a loose, comfortable white button down over jeans, sometimes I want a look that’s a bit more fun and feminine. I’ve taken to wearing my button downs loose over a dress or a tank and then tying it at my waist. Super easy breezy. A roll or two of the sleeve and you’re good to go. Plus, is there a better way to draw attention to your waist? I think not.

The Rest of My Travel Outfit Details

I love these easy leopard pants and this current J. Crew pair is super similar. They’re great for both travel and WFH because they 100% feel like pajamas. Pair them with a simple black cami, gold hoops, big sunglasses, a sun hat, and classic black sandals.

Also, I’ve been researching leather totes for months, trying to decide on the best everyday cognac colored tote to hold both my laptop and my camera, particularly for travel. I’d considered the Madewell Transport Tote and the Able Classic Tote, but, by chance, stumbled upon this K. Slade leather tote on Poshmark for…wait for it, $37. I’m obsessed.

My Previous Grayson Review + Promo Code

Want to check out what I’ve previously said about woman-owned Grayson and their timeless button downs? You can read my full review of the company and their beautifully made button downs here, plus, use my promo code HEATHERBIEN for $25 off.


grayson promo code - grayson hero washed button down - best women's white button down

grayson promo code - grayson hero washed button down - best women's white button down



  1. Elizabeth
    June 3, 2021 / 9:52 am

    Do you find the cotton breathable enough for hot and humid weather? I live in DC too and am debating between the cotton or the linen!

    • June 3, 2021 / 12:38 pm

      Yes, definitely! I was fine in New Orleans, I actually wore it two of the days we were there because a lightweight shirt outweighed getting fried in the sun. I haven’t tried the linen, but I’m sure it’s great, too!

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