Aurate 14K Gold Bracelet Review: Recycled Solid Gold Jewelry

Over the past year or so, I’ve culled my jewelry collection significantly. Besides for carefully selected earrings, I’ve sold or donated almost all my costume jewelry. Instead, I’ve focused on buying quality solid gold and gold fill pieces, which make up the capsule jewelry collection I’ve created.

However, I don’t have the budget to splurge on super high end pieces, so I’ve had to focus on brands that offer quality jewelry at a more accessible price point. Sometimes that’s Etsy, sometimes it’s vintage, and sometimes it’s ethical, sustainable brands like Aurate.

What is Aurate?

Aurate is a New York-based jewelry brand that makes affordable, high-quality jewelry entirely out of recycled gold. They keep prices low by producing their pieces out of excess materials, in the United States, and on a made-to-order basis.

It’s not necessarily instant gratification, but that’s because they aren’t wasting materials and energy on pieces that may never see a buyer. Instead, when I order a bracelet, necklace, or dainty gold rings (I love this bamboo one!), Aurate makes it just for me.

aurate 14K bracelet review - aurate initial bracelet review

Aurate 14K Gold Bracelet Review

I ordered mini gold letter charm bracelet several months ago and I’ve worn it nonstop ever since. Made from sustainably sourced 14K gold, it’s so, so dainty. The chain itself is the lightest, prettiest little thing, while the sans serif initial feels both modern and timeless. I went with a “B” for Bien after much deliberation. I have a pair of earrings that were my grandmother’s and she had a “B” on them, so it felt like a nice tie to those. 

The initial slides gracefully across the chain, which has two jump rings for adjustments. I have mine on the smallest setting and actually just cut off the extra length — something that was so easy to do that I’d forgotten I’d even done it until I read the description just now.

You could certainly pair the bracelet with other pieces, however, I think it’s so delicate that I wear it on its own every day. There are days and nights when I won’t even bother to take it off and I don’t worry about it tarnishing or looking worn because it’s solid gold. The best part? It’s under $200 and there’s free shipping and returns, so you can always just see if you love it (but I know you will).

aurate 14K bracelet review - aurate initial bracelet review

Thank you to Responsival for sponsoring this post and this Aurate 14K gold bracelet review! I actually bought this bracelet months ago, so you know all opinions are certainly my own. I always love when a sponsored post lets me share a brand that I already know and love


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