A Half Reveal: Our Kitchen and Living Room Redo With AllModern

This was supposed to be the big reveal for the kitchen and living room redo that I’ve been working on with AllModern. AllModern did their job beautifully — I even received my items ahead of their original delivery date.

But, unfortunately, the rest of the room isn’t done yet. It’s a tale of contractors and suppliers who are either too busy or too incompetent to get the job done right now.

The Plan for Our Kitchen and Living Redo

You may recall when I shared our original plan a few months ago. Here’s the quick refresher: when we moved into our condo, there wasn’t a breakfast bar on our kitchen peninsula. It has a 2” overhang and you need a minimum of 8” to pull up stools. This had nagged us since the day we bought it, but we assumed it would be incredibly expensive to fix given that we would have to replace all the kitchen countertops in order to get a few additional inches for the breakfast bar.

After two years of complaining about it and sitting on the edge of our sofa as if it was a stool, I decided to bite the bullet and get a few quotes. Turns out, it’s a lot less than I originally anticipated and we decided to move forward.

Working with contractors on projects like this is almost always annoying but 2021 is next level. After way too many starts and fits, we’ve finally found one out in Virginia that’s responsive and is coming out to measure in mid-August. Two weeks later, we should be installed and ready.


living room redo allmodern - faux cowhide rug living room

Here’s the Plan for the Living Room Going Forward

In my original post, I shared our design inspiration and we’ve actually deviated a fair amount from that at this point. I don’t want to overcrowd the space so we’re going to go with a smaller sofa than initially anticipated. I have my eye on a few sleek, curvy velvet options from AllModern (fun fact: velvet is the only material that Hampden won’t claw), but I’m also open to something vintage.

For the coffee table, I’d still love to do a waterfall edge acrylic table, in which case we’d need to add storage boxes underneath. The other idea is to get an antique trunk.

Given our small space, I decided to get the most minimalist profiles for counter stools possible and these AllModern faux leather stools are perfect. They took me (yes, ME) approximately 10 minutes to put together. I posted a preview on Instagram and an Insta friend reached out letting me know she’s had the same ones for several years and they hold up beautifully, so I’m feeling great about my choice.

For the rug, I went totally rogue. I’ve always felt a little off about having three different rugs so close together in our living space, dining space, and kitchen. So, it finally occurred to me –– why don’t I just get a larger version of the rug that we already have? I first bought this faux cowhide rug from AllModern back when I was single and living alone in Dupont, so I knew it would hold up. Now, I have two and it feels like a continuation through the room. These rugs have a low pile and lean almost industrial minimalist, so they actually make the space feel larger.


living room redo allmodern - faux cowhide rug living room

Where We Are With the Redo In This Very Moment

So, where do we stand right now? You can likely tell from the photos, we’ve got the rug in! It looks awesome. We actually had an AllModern rug previously that we really liked, but we never loved it in our condo as much as we did in our H Street apartment. It was very graphic and modern, which was great in a new build apartment building but, in our condo, we’ve tried to cultivate a more minimalist, classic, and eclectic look (yes, those three styles can totally vibe). The cowhide fits the bill.

The poor stools don’t have a breakfast bar to pull up to yet, but they’ve taken their place in the living room…and don’t think I haven’t pulled them up to the counter a few times to eat lunch side saddle.

One note: A lot of people get thrown when ordering stools! If you’re pulling up to a normal countertop, you want counter stools. If you have a bistro height table or your overhand is elevated over your counter, only then do you want to order bar height.

All This is to Say, I’m Learning Patience and Stay Tuned

When will I have the official big reveal? I’m hoping by the end of August. We’ve got a lot going on over the next few weeks (whew, a lot is actually the understatement of the year), but this has gone on for so long that I’m hoping it can be prioritized. So, stay tuned!


living room redo allmodern - faux cowhide rug living room

Thank you to AllModern for sponsoring this kitchen and living room redo! You can rely on them for minimal modern furniture, minimalist sofas, minimal TV stands, minimalist rugs, minimalist floor lamps, minimalist table lamps, minimalist chairs, and modern wood coffee tables.


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