Fall Style: My Top 8 Fall Investment Pieces from Barbour to Boots

Let’s talk about fall investment pieces. If you read my blog post earlier this year on how I budget for clothing and the clothing log I keep, then you probably already know I’m on a journey towards minimalism-ish in my wardrobe. I love statement pieces and velvet blazers or bold dresses I know I won’t wear often, but I also hate the mental clutter of opening up a closet to see so, so many options. I’m discovering it’s all about balance.

Paring Down the Closet for Fall

I haven’t bought an item of clothing in three months (okay, full disclosure, I was sent a pair of shoes, but I didn’t buy them), and I hope to keep that going as long as I can. This is 100% due to the fact I make room for those occasional splurge pieces by investing the majority of my wardrobe in items I know I’ll have for years. I want shoes that I can wear for multiple occasions, sweaters that will never go out of style, and I never want more than two pairs of blue jeans in my closet (spoiler: I still only have the two pairs I posted about in my ‘Finding the Right Fit’ series).

The easiest season, by far, to implement this mindset is fall. Think about it, you’re wearing more neutrals, more subdued colors, you’re layering. It’s so easy to get so much mileage out of the same pieces, and, yet, never wear the same item twice. Plus, so many of the brands you’ll see in the fall space are quality, they’re made to last. Once you buy these fall investment pieces, you shouldn’t have to buy them again for several seasons, if not many years.

So, let’s get into it. If you’re going to pare down your wardrobe this season, this is where you want to start.


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My Top 8 Fall Investment Pieces

The image below is clickable, so you can shop all of these fall investment pieces directly through it, but I’ll also do a quick rundown of the pieces I’ve included, how long I’ve had them, and why they’ll always be one of my favorite fall items.

Barbour Beadnell Jacket

Yes, it’s a splurge at $395, but I bought my Barbour Beadnell back in 2016 and I’ve worn it into the ground, yet it just continues to look even more effortless. It’s the coat I take whenever I travel because it goes with everything and it’s the perfect choice because you can layer it on cold, windy days, or just use it as a light spring or fall jacket.

Slim Turtleneck

I wear turtlenecks with every outfit and I jumped on this train early — like back in the aughts before it was cool. Layered under a button down shirt, tucked into jeans, with leggings, with a skirt and tights. You name it, I can make a turtleneck work with it. The J.Crew Perfect Fit is a great option.

Sweater Blazer

I’ll admit, I was reluctant to join the ranks of the sweater blazer army. Yet, here I am, and I’m never going back. I picked up my first one back in 2018 and I now have three colors of the J.Crew version, while actively trying to choose my next one.

Trench Coat

I believe I got my trench coat back in 2014, but it could have been earlier. I got a budget-friendly London Fog version — you can always find them under $200 — and it’s held up beautifully. It’s so chic, always.

Commando Faux Leather Leggings

These leggings are the best $98 you’ll ever spend. I got mine back in 2018 or 2019, and I still dress them up, dress them down, wear them with flats, wear them with boots. I swear, they go with everything night and day. Also, don’t even mess with the Spanx version, but if you’re curious, I did a full comparison and review here.

Faux Suede Leggings

The best brand is Lyssé, but there are several other versions out there now. I resisted these at first, thinking they look too khaki, but now they’re my tailored, grown-up pant that feels like a legging. I’ve probably had these for 3 or 4 years now.

Cowboy Boots

These are not the exact pair I have (though a brown pair is on my wish list), but I’ve been wearing cowboy boots since college now. I have several pairs and each one just adds a little bit of je ne sais quoi to an outfit. When it feels like a riding boot would be too literal and flats are too prissy, a cowboy boot is exactly what you need.

Leopard Loafers

You can’t go wrong with leopard anything, but a feminine leopard loafer is a staple. Add in a slight heel and you’re good for almost any occasion. This pair is Sarah Flint, which of course means you can get $50 off with my code SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERB (plus, you can read my full review here).

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