Why DC Locals Should Make Time to Revisit (or Visit!) the Museums

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post dedicated solely to DC, but I felt inspired by this photo. I took it while Adam and I were on a crisp fall walk this past Sunday. With my new iPhone 13 in hand (an incredible upgrade from my 8!) and a brisk wind in the air, I stopped to snap this moment where I was impressed  by the actual waves that were echoing across the Capitol reflecting pool.

A Fall Day on the National Mall

If you’ve followed along with my Instagram for any period of time, you’re probably well aware that walks around Capitol Hill are part of my daily routine, but while I’ll walk for miles back into the neighborhood, I rarely venture in the other direction towards the National Mall. That’s mostly because I hate sun and heat, but, on that first perfect day of fall this past Sunday, it seemed right. Walking along the mall on one of those gorgeous autumn days when the city is filled with tourists snapping photos and locals out for an afternoon run is such a great reminder of how alive this city can be and why we live here.

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Why DC Locals Should Visit the Museums

My dream, someday, if my day job workload ever allows me more than a few minutes to grab lunch in a hurry, is to be the type of person who strolls down to a museum at lunchtime. I’d love to spend half an hour getting my steps in while enjoying the stark beauty of the National Gallery of Art East Building. It’s just a quick 20-minute walk away, perfect for an hour or so break midday.

Until that happens, I also want to be better about visiting the museums when I have a free few hours on the weekends. It’s such a privilege to live so close to so many incredible (and free!) museums and I think, too often, us DC locals only visit when we have guests in town wanting to do the “DC thing.” Or, perhaps we visited once when we first moved here, but have yet to step foot in the museums again as a resident. But, I think there’s a different vibe when you wander the museums as a local, there’s not the same urgency or need to take it all in right now. You can wander the vast rooms slowly and know that it’ll still be there next weekend.

So, here are the museums I want to make a commitment to visit before year-end. Hold me to it and let me know which ones I may have missed.


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