January To Do List: Starting the Year Off Fresh

I’m not sure there’s a more fitting backdrop to writing a January to do list than the snow globe I woke up to this morning. The weather forecasts said 6-12″, but after I ran errands in a t-shirt yesterday, there was no way I believed them. Yet, here we are, looking out at a formidable snowstorm that’s shut down the city. It seems like a sign we all need to extend the holiday vacation one more day, right?

Speaking of snow, winter is my favorite season and I’m dreaming of a trip back to a winter wonderland, like our weekend in Québec City a few years ago.

How Did I Do On My December To Do List?

It seems I’m operating on an all-but-two record monthly. In December, I accomplished all of my goals, including hosting a holiday cocktail party at Rosehill Cottage, except for making peppermint bark (not too late, right?) and visiting the Capitol and White House Christmas trees (though I’ll trek down to the Capitol at lunchtime to see if it’s still there!).

January To Do List

January can be a tough month to write a to do list for. It’s organizing, cleaning, and goal-setting. But I want these to do lists to be more about savoring the moments and making the most of each season. So, while I did include some of those fresh start activities on here, I also included a dose of fun. I want to make the most of the season and get out and enjoy every bit of winter!

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