A Look Back: Top 16 Selling Items on the Blog in 2021

Looking back at the top selling items in 2021 is always an interesting exercise in analytics and optimization. Like, is this telling me what to post more of? I don’t consider myself a style blogger, but apparently y’all like when I post clothes…but, also, I am, not a big shopper, so how do I reconcile that? That’s something for me to mull over, but, for now, let’s see what you bought or what you may want to buy.

First, A Note: How Do I Know the Top Sellers?

I’ve discussed how affiliate links work in a previous post, which you can read here, but the TL;DR is this: I use links through a third-party platform that works with some retailers (a lot of retailers, actually!) to provide a commission when a sale is made through that link. It doesn’t affect the buyer at all, and I get a few cents to a few dollars depending on that retailer’s commission rate and the cost of the item. It’s the main way I make money on this website and keep it running! All that being said, I have analytics through the platform. 



Top Sellers of 2021

ONE: First up, no surprise here, the affordable king-size duvet from my fluffy duvet hack post! We still love this two years later and I hope all of you do, too.

TWO: Turns out y’all are crazy about J. Marie tops. These are a great alternative to a certain much more expensive Dallas brand and I’m loving a few of their fall-winter options. Here’s a link to the original post.

THREE: The Target version of a nap dress was a hit, but unfortunately isn’t available anymore. However, you can find winter versions like this one or this one.

FOUR: Similar to J. Marie tops, y’all also loved the Oaxacan dresses I shared in this post. This Etsy search will take you to everything colorful you could ever dream of.

FIVE: I believe I shared these Herkimer Diamond Earrings in a newsletter in addition to this blog post and they took off. They’re such an inexpensive and versatile buy.

SIX: I own two pairs of jeans. Madewell jeans and the H&M jeans I wrote about in this post. Both made the best sellers list! While the pair I had is no longer made, they do have other great options.

SEVEN: Funny enough, I don’t own this solid gold cuff. But, I posted about it in my capsule jewelry wardrobe post as a wish list item. Maybe it’ll be my next splurge!

EIGHT: And now we circle back to the Madewell Jeans. I did a review of this pricey pair and decided that, yes, they’re worth it.

NINE: A perennial top seller ever since my Spanx v. Commando post, the Commando leggings are a must-have in my wardrobe year-after-year.

TEN: Another item from my capsule jewelry wardrobe post made the list. I splurged on this solid gold signet ring after an unexpected bonus and I wear it almost every day. I had it monogrammed with an “S” as a nod to Adam’s last name (I kept my last name when we got married). 

ELEVEN: This sunburst mirror was shared in a few posts, including this layered bedding blog post. It’s not exactly what I have (mine is probably 12+ years old), but it’s an affordable and pretty alternative.

TWELVE: We actually just took our wood bar cart down to the river because it was too big for our condo, but it continues to be one of the best sellers on here. Such a gorgeous piece if you have the room. Originally, I linked to it in this bar cart must-haves post.

THIRTEEN: I did a shoe capsule wardrobe post this year and these loafers were a top seller from it. They’re a classic.

FOURTEEN: The iconic sputnik chandelier continues to be a favorite of my readers. We actually bought this one for the river just a few weeks ago.

FIFTEEN: You can’t beat five classic white t-shirts for $14, right? Turns out a lot of you agree. Here’s the original post.

SIXTEEN: I can’t tell you how many messages I continue to receive about this bookcase. Bonus: it’s a conversation starter on Zoom calls (it confuses so many people).



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