Summertime and the Living is Easy: June To Do List

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you may know I started a new job this month, which is great for a reset. It’s an opportunity to jump into a new routine — kind of like a first day of school feeling.

Where I am on My 2022 Goals

With that first day of school feeling in mind, here’s where I am currently on my goals as we head into H2.

  • In terms of daily routine, I am waking up earlier and doing the occasional morning workout class, though I still want to work in a walk on days I don’t work out first thing. I usually end up doing chores in the morning, and I’d like to make time for resetting, too.
  • When it comes to intentional consumption, I had planned a big clean out for the week and a half I took off between jobs, but we ended up traveling for much of that. I’m going to keep working through day-by-day. As I’ve said here before, purging is a constant when you live in a tiny condo. We are in the process of redoing our guest bedroom/office, so that’s been a huge project on that front.
  • On the exploration front, we’ve had a couple fun quick trips, but, ugh, still nothing big on the books. Adam has been hesitant to book international travel, but with a few separate friends living in Europe this fall, I think a visit is something we can’t pass up.
  • With my new job and my article being published in Virginia Living, obviously the career goals are going well!
  • Actually being in DC helps the social goals for sure. We had friends over yesterday for cocktails before hitting a free concert on the Hill, then grabbing tacos up the street. That’s what we want more of this summer — easy plans that don’t require much coordination.

My June To Do List

After writing this to do list, I realized two of the items on here are the same as my April to do list…they were the ones that didn’t happen, so apparently they were still on my mind. This month, I swear, I am actually going to check those off — go to a baseball game and bring back morning walks.

In other things I’m looking forward to: Adam’s parents are visiting this week and we’re taking them down to the river for a quick trip between bookings. They’ve never been to that part of Virginia or seen what we’re talking about when we refer to “the river” (it’s so different than most other parts of the country!), so it’ll be fun to share that with them. Then, we’re actually in town most of this month, I’m excited to catch up with friends and spend quality time in and around DC enjoying my own city.


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