Level Setting on the Blog for the Month of September

You may have noticed it’s been quiet around here, despite my goal of 8 posts a month. I didn’t come close in July or August…and I certainly won’t in September. I didn’t plan on a blog break but life got in the way. It’s not for lack of inspiration — the number of drafts I have sitting in WordPress with a working title and a 2-3 line description is staggering. But time is a limited resource.

Basically every minute of every day has been accounted for between my new job, traveling, several exciting freelance projects, managing Rosehill Cottage, seeing friends, working out daily, and just trying to keep everything in life moving forward. Something had to give and, like it has been a few times before, it was the blog.

Despite all the new September vibes, I’ve decided to just throw in the towel this month. I may get a few posts up, but I’m not making any promises. I have a slew of freelance articles I’m writing in the evenings over the next week, then I’m actually trying to relax next week while we’re at the cottage for a few days (because I need to recognize that never relaxing does lead to burnout). Then, we leave on the 19th for Spain and France for 10 days (where I will not work at all — though I do recognize there’s a difference between travel relaxing and at-home daily relaxing). I get back on the 29th and life will resume a more normal pace at that point.

Like I mentioned, I have lots and lots of blog ideas in the hopper, so things will be back in action sooner rather than later. I’m also all ears for what y’all want to see — starting in October.

And Few Photos of Sweet Summertime

In the meantime, here are a few photos of when I was actually able to unplug this past weekend out on the boat with my parents and Adam. The seersucker bikini is a steal right now on J. Crew. Here’s the link to the tie high-rise seersucker bikini  and the squareneck bikini top. I did a medium in the bottom and a small in the top. Also, don’t worry this photo is the only moment I wasn’t wearing a UPF hat!

boating on the northern neck

boating on the northern neck

boating on the northern neck

boating on the northern neck - j.crew seersucker bikini


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