Frank & Eileen Button-Up Review + Favorite Black Blouse

Let’s talk about a little context here, first. You may remember I used to work with Grayson, a small woman-owned brand — I was obsessed with their button-ups. And so were y’all! Unfortunately, Grayson closed up shop earlier this year. But, at that point, they introduced me to their sister brand, Frank & Eileen.

I now have a few pieces from Frank & Eileen, and I’m similarly in love with their button-ups (and button-up dresses!). It’s a different vibe, but a good one.

Think a little more California cool, relaxed, and grown up. There’s a slight coastal grandmother air to them. I imagine cutting flowers in my seaside garden while wearing one of their shirts. They’re casual, yet always pulled together. I’ve worn them at home in DC, and on trips from Colorado to Spain.

What is Frank & Eileen?

Frank & Eileen is a California-based, woman-owned business that focuses on ethical, sustainable manufacturing practices. Inspired by founder Audrey’s fond memories of her grandparents in Ireland, they consider themselves part of the slow fashion movement, sourcing high quality fabrics and keeping all parts of the fabrication process local. They are also B corp certified.

They carry everything from their iconic button-ups to flattering button-up dresses to the softest denim and twill pants to jumpsuits, sweatshirts, and skirts made from triple fleece. These are comfortable, classic pieces that you can wear relaxing at home and out and about.

frank & eileen button down review - frank & eileen promo code - is frank & eileen worth the price

Is Frank & Eileen Worth the Price?

Like most slow fashion brands that focus on high quality fabrics and sustainable practices, Frank & Eileen’s price tags are higher than what you’ll find at fast fashion brands. And there definitely are less expensive options for high quality items, so I think it’s a matter of what’s in your budget.

There is a higher end look to these pieces and I’ve seen that firsthand when I’ve worn the Relaxed Button Up Shirt in Denim. I wear denim shirts all the time. But when I wear the Frank & Eileen denim shirt, I always get so many compliments on it and questions about it — there definitely is something noticeable about it. Now, does that make Frank & Eileen worth the price? Again, I think it totally depends on what you feel comfortable spending on clothing and the look you’re going for.

Frank & Eileen Button-Up Review

I want to review several of my Frank & Eileen prices, but first up is the Eileen Relaxed Button-Up Shirt in Featherweight Cotton. I wore this button up while we were in Spain, exploring Girona and dining at the most delightfully quirky (and Michelin star) restaurant, L’Aliança d’Anglès. Interestingly, I’ve always steered clear of black button ups, thinking they were too harsh…even though I’ll wear the heck out of a black turtleneck. But consider me converted. I felt so effortlessly chic in this look.

First, the basics. This Relaxed Button-Up Shirt is made out of a featherweight cotton that is smooth and light. The buttons don’t start until the bust, so you don’t have the awkward placement of buttons you’ll never button. It’s machine washable and, while they say you can tumble dry on low, I’ve chosen to hang it to dry (which I do with almost all of my clothes).

How does it fit?

I ordered a size Small, which was perfect for a relaxed, easy fit. For reference, I’m 5’5″ and typically a XS/S in tops.

What is the fabric?

Featherweight cotton made in a family-owned Italian mill and OEKO-TEX® certified.

How does it wear?

Beautifully! The concern with button-ups is that they’ll wrinkle too much. This looked as good when we got home in the early evening as it did when we left right after breakfast. The sleeves cuff easily (I do the famed J.Crew roll) and, because it’s lightweight, it tucks easily into jeans.

How should you wear it?

On this particular day, I wore it with high-waisted jeans, a low-heeled sandal, and a vintage-inspired braided belt for a look that felt very 80s romantic comedy heroine. I’ve also worn it tucked into white jeans with a vibrant Southwestern belt, and with an a-line white skirt. It’s a super versatile piece that I’d wear from spring to fall.

Final verdict: Definitely recommend.

Speaking of slow fashion, I’m also wearing my Sarah Flint Perfect Block Sandals, which I reviewed here, along with a $50 off promo code: SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERB. I’ll share what I packed for our 10-day Europe trip in a future post, but these were basically the only pair of shoes I wore — and I walked nearly 20,000 steps a day.

frank & eileen button down review - frank & eileen promo code - is frank & eileen worth the price

frank & eileen button down review - frank & eileen promo code - is frank & eileen worth the price

frank & eileen button down review - frank & eileen promo code - is frank & eileen worth the price

frank & eileen button down review - frank & eileen promo code - is frank & eileen worth the price


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