A Versatile Investment: Sarah Flint Bootie Review + Promo Code 2023

Before we get into this Sarah Flint Bootie review, here’s a Sarah Flint promo code to save 15% on your first pair or any pair of full-price shoes: SARAHFLINT-CCHEATHER1. You can find my other Sarah Flint reviews for the Perfect Block Sandal 30, Rosie Loafers, and Perfect Block Sandal 60 here.

Sarah Flint Bootie Review

I struggle with booties. It’s hard to find the perfect pair that isn’t too short so that it cuts off your leg in an unflattering spot, but also isn’t so high that it feels awkward with pants. It’s the bootie conundrum. And I was thrilled to try out the Sarah Flint Perfect Zip Bootie 30. I went back and forth on whether to get them in black calf or saddle vachetta and eventually decided on the black since I’ve needed a pair of elegant black booties to add an air of sophistication to my work and weekend outfits. I wanted something a little dressier than my black cowboy boots but not quite as formal as a heel.

From the minute I took them out of the box, I knew it was going to be love at first sight. These booties are so well-made (no surprise), the leather is absolutely sumptuous, and the gold zippers on both sides are refined, adding a little extra detail, rather than detracting from the overall look. The heel is just enough to give them a bit of oomph, and the height looks perfect with tights or pants. These have quickly replaced my beloved cowboy boots as my go-to bootie.

The official description of these booties says: 30mm (1in) almond toe ankle bootie with expanded toe box, anatomical arch support, 6mm of extra footbed padding, functional double zippers, handcrafted in Italy. 

How do they fit?

I wear between a 7 and a 7.5 and I opted for a (37.5) 7.5. They fit perfectly.

Are they comfortable?

Always! Sarah Flint shoes are pricey, but they are so, so incredibly comfortable. The extra padding is life changing. I’ve worn these walking all over the city, and multiple times on my commute, which includes a 22-minute walk to the metro and 8-minute walk to the office.

How do they wear?

I’ve worn these traipsing on city sidewalks and in some places I probably shouldn’t have (around the ranch and in the rain in Texas). But they’ve held up! The leather feels super solid — it’s soft but sturdy. The sole and heel are also incredibly solid. This is a pair that I imagine I’ll have for years, getting them resoled or new heels put on as needed.

What can you wear them with?

The 1″ heel and feminine almond toe is so incredibly versatile, and, considering they are a splurge, that versatility is key. I’ve worn them with black tights and dresses, faux leather pants, and even jeans. My favorite look is with tights or leather pants since the uninterrupted line of black is so chic and flattering. Since I got them last month, I’ve consistently worn them several times a week.

Would I recommend the Sarah Flint Perfect Zip Bootie 30?

Absolutely. They’re definitely a splurge, but if you’re someone who prefers an investment piece to buying a new pair of booties every year, then these are a gorgeous pair to have in your closet.

Sarah Flint Perfect Zip Bootie 30 Review - sarah flint black booties - sarah flint leather booties

Are Sarah Flint Shoes Worth the Price?

I’m going to repeat this from my last Sarah Flint review…yes, Sarah Flint shoes are expensive. But if you’re someone who prefers to buy a classic pair of shoes or boots once and take care of them over the years, then they can be worth it. These are booties that I’ll get resoled as they wear out, rather than buying another pair. They could last me a decade or more, rather than the less expensive booties I might get a season or two out of. I always think back on one pair of booties I had — a $200 pair I found for less at Nordstrom Rack. I loved them. But they wore out, as all shoes do, and were irreparable. The leather couldn’t be salvaged and the plastic sole wasn’t worth trying to replace. So, let’s say you bought those new at $200 and got two seasons out of them…when you put that in perspective, the Sarah Flint booties seem worth it.

These Sarah Flint booties are made for the long haul, and they’re made to be taken care of, repaired, and worn for years to come.

And, remember, you can use my Sarah Flint promo code to save 15% on your first pair or any pair of full-price shoes: SARAHFLINT-CCHEATHER1.

Sarah Flint Perfect Zip Bootie 30 Review - sarah flint black booties - sarah flint leather booties

Sarah Flint Perfect Zip Bootie 30 Review - sarah flint black booties - sarah flint leather booties

Sarah Flint Perfect Zip Bootie 30 Review - sarah flint black booties - sarah flint leather booties


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