Scent Memory and Why You Should Choose a Signature Scent for a Big Trip

One of my must-dos for getting ready for travel is choosing a signature scent for a big trip. Scent has the ability to transform you to a place and time. Maybe it’s the fragrance you wore all through college that takes you back to being 22, or the perfume you splurged on in your mid 20s that reminds you of big nights out with friends. It could be a candle that you always burn around the holidays or a whiff of a tea that you always drink before bed. The minute that fragrance wafts in the air, you’re transported back to a moment.

Choosing a Signature Scent for a Big Trip

This connection between scent and memory is why I always choose a signature scent for a big trip. I want to be able to channel those memories and take myself back to sunny days in Provence or misty mornings driving through the Irish countryside. There are times when I’ve chosen a signature scent for a trip ahead of time, and others where I’ve purchased the scent while on the trip, creating both a souvenir and a memory at the same time.

I try to match the fragrance to the destination, of course. Keeping in mind seasonality, climate, and the overall vibe, I choose a perfume to coordinate with the trip. This is where buying smaller 0.3 oz sizes, which often run $25-$40 is perfect — you can commit to a larger size later if you absolutely love it. And, if you decide to purchase a fragrance while on the trip, try to find a local perfumer where you’re buying something that’s truly unique to the area.

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A Few of My Trips and Their Signature Scent

While I try to figure out my signature scent for a few upcoming trips, here’s a walk down memory lane…

In Ireland, I went to the Burren Perfumery and discovered their Winter Woods fragrance. I used this throughout my trip, and the scent always takes me back. It’s also what I used on my wedding day.

When I was in Spain, I wore 7 Virtues Santal Vanille, and this warm, moody, woodsy fragrance reminds me of gorgeous September days in the sun.

I visited Fragonard Perfumery when I was in Èze, and I wore the Ma Rose perfume, with notes of rose, peppermint, and geranium, throughout the rest of my time in the South of France.


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