Should I Wear Flare Jeans Again? Frank & Eileen Killian Jean Review

Adding this Frank & Eileen Killian Jean Review to my other Frank & Eileen reviews, including the Frank & Eileen Button-Up, Everyday Jeans, Mary Shirtdress, Carmel Travel Set, Rory Shirtdress Review, and Shirley Button-Up Review.

Jean styles are changing, y’all. Again. I still love my high-waisted mom jeans, though I’ll dabble in straight. You also won’t get me out of leggings. But flare jeans? How on earth are these back? Are we embracing the 70s? I thought we were doing the 90s?! And I am fully here for the 90s! But, flares, these have me totally confused.

Should I Wear Flare Jeans Again?

If you can’t tell, flare jeans are NOT a trend I thought I’d be jumping on. I didn’t love flare jeans the first time around, so I certainly didn’t think I’d wear them this time. And I don’t even jump on trends in general. I prefer to wear what looks good and stick with it. You’ve probably heard me get on my high horse about how I have two pairs of blue jeans and I don’t want any more.

But, when Frank & Eileen sent me their Killian Crop Flare Jeans, I figured I’d give them a try.

They’re not full length flares, which was the first point in the pro column. Not being full length means they have a little less of that early 2000s meets 70s look. I’m not tempted to put on a baby doll tee with them. They have a slightly cropped fit, which I immediately knew would be perfect with boots. And when I tucked a button-up into them and threw on a braided leather belt? Ugh, I didn’t want to love this look — but I do. I’ve worn them several times in the two weeks since it’s finally turned to fall weather. They’re just so comfy and easy. I don’t have to worry about feeling like I’m sucked into them. They’re, dare I say, effortless?

Which brings me to the conclusion that, yes, flare jeans may have a place in your wardrobe again. Though finding that perfect cropped fit is key. Not too short or you’ll find yourself in pedal pushers, but just long enough to graze above your ankle. It’s the kind of fit that’s perfect with boots or flats, and it’s incredibly chic with a shirt tucked in.

And, yes, this means I now have three pairs of jeans.

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Frank & Eileen Killian Jean Review FAQ

How do they fit?

From the minute I pulled on the Frank & Eileen Killian Jean, I was like, okay, these feel nice. They’re a soft but thick denim that has enough stretch to feel snug, like you’re dressed, but it’s also enough stretch that they’re comfortable. I don’t dread putting them on or taking them off.

They have an 11.5” inseam for a high rise, which is exactly what I want, especially when I’m tucking in. The flare is big enough to fit over a boot — it seems I’d forgotten what a boot cut is! Maybe we were onto something a few decades ago…

I go for a size 28 in Frank & Eileen jeans and, at 5’5”, they hit me just above the ankle.

What is the fabric?

The Killian Crop Flare Jean is made from “Italian Power Denim,” which is 92% Cotton, 6% LYCRA T400, 2% Elastane.

How do they wear?

These jeans do not stretch out! Sitting, standing, they look good all day long.

How should you wear them?

I love embracing the Killian Jean’s flare with a slightly western look. Tucked in button-up, booties, belt — the whole look is so good and effortlessly casual. This is exactly what I’d wear on a weekend getaway in the country.

But, if I’m in the city, I love the Killian Jean paired with a slim striped tee and ballet flats. Maybe a cardigan layered over my shoulders. A ladylike bag would complete the look.

Either way, the key is proportions and making sure your top is tailored and tucked in.

Final verdict: At $298, the Frank & Eileen Killian Jean is similarly priced to a lot of other premium denim, so, while they’re not an impulse purchase, I’d say they’re well worth it.

frank and eileen flare jeans - frank and eileen killian jean review - killian crop flare jean review

frank and eileen flare jeans - frank and eileen killian jean review - killian crop flare jean review

frank and eileen flare jeans - frank and eileen killian jean review - killian crop flare jean review


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