Switching Up My Ring Finger Stack: GLDN Ring Review

This GLDN ring review includes a ring that was generously sent by GLDN, but all opinions are my own!

I recently added a GLDN Personalized Meuse Band to my ring finger lineup. I’m a big believer in changing up my wedding ring finger stack — the stack doesn’t need to be static. My plain gold wedding band is always present, but I have a few other bands that I interchange, and I have my original engagement ring, plus this estate sapphire ring, which is what I currently wear daily (that’s a post for another day). But I’ll usually go through phases where I’ll wear one look a bunch before switching it up to another.

Switching Up My Stack

When I first got the GLDN Personalized Meuse Band, I wore it on my right hand but, when I tried it with my wedding band and sapphire ring, it surprised me how much I loved it. Usually I like a little bit more sparkle but this gives it a more sleek, minimalist look. It actually lets the main ring shine even more because it doesn’t distract with any other stones. While I’ve never liked this ring paired just with my gold wedding band, the thickness of the Meuse Band gives it some heft that makes the entire stack look intentional and styled.

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GLDN Ring Review

So let’s talk about the new band. GLDN is a direct-to-consumer jewelry brand based in Washington State, and they specialize in personalized pieces made from recycled gold and silver. Their jewelry is handcrafted in their Pacific Northwest studio, and, when they offered to send me a piece, I was torn between a ring and a Flora Mila Bracelet, which I would have gotten with one of my favorite flowers — a camellia. However, I decided on the Meuse Band since I’ve wanted a thicker gold band for ages. The band is 4mm thick, which is double the size of my wedding band, and it has flat edges, which gives it a more modern look.

How can you personalize the Meuse Band?

You can add initials, names, or dates to the Meuse Band. I loved the example they had with Roman numerals, and I got our wedding date.

What is it made of?

I have the 14K gold ring, but it also comes in sterling silver and gold-filled.

How does the GLDN Meuse Band run?

Because the GLDN Meuse Band is a wider band, it does run a little tighter than thinner rings. My wedding bands are all 4.5, but I opted for a 5 in the Meuse Band, and it definitely is perfectly snug whether on its own or when it’s stacked with other rings.

How do I wear the GLDN Meuse Band?

I love this band stacked with other rings. It’s definitely wide enough that you could wear it on its own, but I prefer it stacked with a gemstone band (or two!) or how I have it here. It’s also stunning with a 1980s sapphire ring that I bought myself years ago. It gives it a minimalist chunky look.

Also, more often than not, I wear the Roman numerals turned in towards me. It keeps the look super sleek and seamless, yet it’s like a secret, meaningful engraving that I can see (or anyone looking at my open hand can see).

Verdict: I found the ordering and personalization process super easy, and I’ve worn my band daily since I got it! Definitely recommend.

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