What I’ve Been Writing Lately on the Internet, Volume IV

It’s time for another installment of What I’ve Been Writing Lately on the Internet! Okay, there’s no rhyme or reason to when I publish these, but since it’d been a few months, it seemed time to round up my recent(ish) articles. Here’s fair warning: a few of these were from January and earlier in February, so they may seem a little out-of-date seasonally, but, trust me, they’re still worth a read!


OUTFIT NOTESJ.CREW SOPHIE BLAZER (as seen here/ JEANS / EVERLANE DAY HEEL CHAMBRAY SHIRT (P.S. You may recognize these photos from Brianna Spause when she photographed me at The Wydown, one of my favorite DC coffee shops!)


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I always include my articles for websites like The Everygirl and Advice From a Thirtysomething here, but I also decided to include a few of my content clients. These ones, in particular, have relevant articles that extend well beyond content marketing pieces on their website. So, give them a read — and check out their ecommerce websites while you’re at it!

  • The Everygirl: Your Valentine’s Day Plans According to Your Enneagram: Even though Valentine’s Day has passed us by at this point, these are still great date night ideas. I walk through the 9 Enneagram types and give you the best date night options for both partnered and single people.
  • The Everygirl: How to Politely Deal With Your MLM Friend: Ugh, who doesn’t have those people who are ALWAYS trying to sell them on their current favorite MLM?! It’s easy enough when it’s a high school acquaintance and you can hit, “block,” but what about when it’s a friend of yours?
  • The Everygirl: 14 Tax Season Tips Everyone Should Know: Oh yes, I wrote a finance article (I’d actually love to write more in this vertical!). This started out as an article geared towards side hustlers and creatives, but the tips were too good not to share with everyone.
  • The Everygirl: Why It’s Okay That Your Engagement Wasn’t a Surprise: Anyone who’s been engaged knows that the second question behind, “Have you set a date?”, is always, “Was it a surprise?” Well, y’all, it’s 2020, women are (hopefully) financially and socially independent, and no, no, it should not be a surprise. It’s a big decision — made by TWO people.
  • The Everygirl: What It’s Like to be The Second Wife: This was an article I was excited to write because I know that there are people out there who are willing to settle in so many areas, but refuse to even consider someone who’s been divorced. I’m here to say, it 100% should NOT a dealbreaker. P.S. I got some flack for the quote I ended it with — clearly not everyone is as avid a fan of Jared Fried’s relationship podcasts as I am (I’m going to assume those were all non-millennial readers).


  • Advice From a Thirtysomething: There’s Enough to Go Around: Saying Goodbye to Scarcity Complex: It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of assuming if one person gets something you want, then there’s not enough for you. I know it’s rampant in the blogging world. If she gets that partnership, I won’t get one. If she gets that invite event, that’s one less spot for me. Instead, we need to reframe the narrative to realize that one person succeeding sets a precedent that lifts everyone up.


  • Threadless: How to Better Manage Your Time as a Creative in 2020: From batching tasks to setting aside time for exploration to learning to use “no” as a time management technique, I’m walking you through the ways that you can restructure your day to better manage your time and get more quality creative work accomplished.
  • Threadless: Why You Should Set Creative Goals in the New Year: It’s great to set personal development goals in the New Year, whether those are health-related, financial, or otherwise, but what about creative goals? You can do more than say you want to create art in 202o. There are SMART goals to be set — even when it comes to abstract creativity.



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