10 Best Hats for Fall (Plus, a Stetson Hat Under $90!)

Let’s chat best hats for fall. To be honest, I’d always been more of a baseball hat girl. But, over the past few years, I’ve tried to embrace the fall hat trend. I’m all about keeping the sun off my face at all times so why not do it stylishly?

What Makes a Good Fall Hat?

So, let’s talk about fall hats. First, it needs to be a warm material, ideally wool. But it also needs to have structure. Let’s leave those floppy wool fall hats back in 2013 where they belong.

I prefer a western-inspired look for fall. It doesn’t need to be a cowboy hat, but it should have a effortlessly cool attitude to it. A classic fedora is also worth checking out if you feel like western isn’t your vibe.

When it comes to color, I have navy, olive, and black in my fall collection. Really, any neutral will do the trick, though I do tend to stay away from light taupe because #stains.

Lastly, a subtle accent is nice but don’t go overboard. For an everyday hat, I’d generally steer clear of feathers, bows, and other bold accoutrements. I like a monochromatic grosgrain, a simple leather tie, perhaps braided, or something with a very subdued southwestern look.



best hats for fall


The Winners: 10 Best Hats for Fall

In these photos, I’m wearing this hat, but if you watch my Insta stories, you may have seen me try on this hat last week at the L.L. Bean store. I didn’t snag it that day but it’s on my wish list (I mean, for a Stetson hat, it’s an awesome price — plus, it’s packable/crushable so I can take it to and from Texas!). And, yes, it is a mens’ hat but I needed the medium…apparently I have a big head.

Most of these hats have a western vibe — I mean, that’s what just screams fall, right?!


best hats for fall


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