2024 Goals: Finish Our House, Travel Locally, and Niche Down

2023 was a big year. I started working for myself. We bought a new house desperately in need of restoration and renovation. Went on a bunch of fun media trips. I recapped everything in this post here. It was one of those years that felt like so many years in one. Like how did I get from point A to point B? Contrary to this year, where January felt like it flew by, and I’m wondering if I can restart the new year February 1.

I don’t imagine 2024 will carry with it the same BIG moments, but I’m hoping it’s a year of space, growth, and intentional focus. And I think my goals reflect that — they feel, not smaller, but more honed in.

So let’s get into it. This one’s not going to be a sexy goals list. But it’s realistic.

Why choose this photo for my goals post? Honestly, didn’t feel like taking a new photo, and I’m hoping this was a predictor of what the next two months of winter will look like, ha.

My 2024 Goals

I split my 2024 goals into the same categories as I have in the past, which seem to encompass all my goals neatly into buckets. Also, I’m already a huge fan of the planner I chose and its day-by-day layout, so definitely check that out here.


Finish this reno: I mean, where do I even start? Luckily, things are finally moving again, and, with plans to be on the Capitol Hill Restoration Society Home Tour in May, I’ve set a deadline.

Create more traditions: Since getting married, it’s felt like Adam and I have been constantly traveling, moving, and too busy to slow down. I want to make this the year we create more space for creating traditions.

Daily Routine

Start my morning routine earlier: I am incredibly guilty of letting my morning routine run too late into the morning, not starting work until 10 AM, and then regretting it later in the day. I want to either start earlier or, like I did today, do a little work, then go to 9 AM yoga, so I work around my natural rhythms of when I want to be at my computer. It’s a work in progress and figuring out what works for me.

Working in self care: I mean the stereotypical face mask self care. I want to do more of this! Eye patches, face masks, scrubs. Just do it it throughout the week.

Stop working after dinner: LOL. I’m going to try.

Intentional Consumption

Do a major digital clean out: Did not do this last year. Going to try again this year.

Continue cleaning out and refining my wardrobe: I’m still working on letting go of pieces that don’t feel like they belong in my current lifestyle. I’ve also made a list of pieces that I think do go with my current lifestyle. That includes clothing, accessories, and jewelry. I want a more grown-up wardrobe.


Travel abroad: We actually did not travel abroad at all in 2023, so I want to change that for 2024. Hopefully there are a few trips on the horizon. February-March is already booked with local travel.

Travel more locally: I often prefer quick weekend trips to bigger vacations, and we’ve done less of those in recent years. I definitely want to add more 2-3 day getaways to the calendar.

Career & Work

Niche down: I was so fortunate to have an incredible first year in business, but I want to focus on being more intentional about my clients and the projects that I say yes to. In case you’re new around here, in addition to freelance journalism, I work with marketing clients on content strategy, content writing, and copywriting.

Get published in print in my dream publications: I was thrilled when I wrote my first few Garden & Gun stories this year, so, next up, I want to be in print. I also want to add Southern Living, my other dream publication, to my portfolio.

Take on more design projects: This is still a fun side hustle, but I love it, and I’d love to do more of it this year.

Keep on blog traffic: Blogs are back! My traffic continued to climb this year, and I’m hoping to continue to make that a trend in 2024. I also want to keep refreshing old posts.

Work on my newsletter: I’d love to send this out biweekly. I need to just do it. It always takes less time than I anticipate.

Grow my LTK: The reality is, this is a great revenue generator, but I need to focus more time and energy on it.

Reinvigorate Rosehill Cottage marketing: I’ve kind of let this slide because we’ve been busy, which is great. But I miss creating content for the cottage. This also has to do with being stuck in DC — we simply haven’t been able to go down much in recent months there due to work and obligations in the city. I’m hoping to change that in 2024.


Entertain at home: This was on my list for last year, and it’ll remain on the list for this year since we upped the ante. Now I can actually entertain a group!

Go on more walks with friends: This is one of my favorite ways to see people because it’s low stakes, easy to plan, and free. More of these, please.

Space for weekday plans: While I often have weekday plans, they also throw my entire day into a tailspin. I want to create more space so that logging off midday or going out to dinner on a Tuesday doesn’t throw my entire day into chaos.


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