Top Selling Items of 2022: From Pajamas to Planners and Beyond

Similar to last year, I’m doing another round up of my top selling items from both the blog and Instagram this year. I’m always surprised to see what resonated with y’all, especially since I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger, yet that’s what the people buy. Maybe this is the year I’ll lean more into style — particularly as I work on minimizing my wardrobe drastically (I have a goal of all my clothes living in my closet year-round, no seasonal switch out necessary). I could take y’all along for that journey and, according to my analytics, this might resonate with more than a few of you.

Quick Note on How I Know the Top Sellers

I use affiliate links, which I’ve explained in detail here, but this is how it works: I use links through a third-party platform that works with some retailers (a lot of retailers, actually!) to provide a commission when a sale is made through that link. It doesn’t impact the price that the buyer pays at all, and I get a few cents to a few dollars depending on that retailer’s commission rate and the cost of the item. It’s the main way I make money on this website and keep it running!

Top Sellers of 2022

ONE: This affordable king-size duvet from my fluffy duvet hack post continues to be a favorite both for readers and me!

TWO: I love a matching pajama set and so do y’all. This budget-friendly set from Target comes in a slew of patterns every year and the tartan is always a favorite.

THREE: J. Marie Designs’ Oaxacan-inspired tops continue to be a reader favorite, and I’m loving their new colors for winter.

FOUR: It should be no surprise that my readers are an organized group, and The Everygirl planners shot to the top of the best seller list just in the past few weeks.

FIVE: Sometimes simplicity is best, and this easy-to-use, no frills Krups Coffee Bean Grinder was a top seller this year.

SIX: The incredible variety of Oaxacan embroidered dresses available on Etsy made their way towards the top of my best sellers again in 2022.

SEVEN: These gorgeous Printfresh pajamas are a splurge, but they’re one you’ll wear again and again and again.

EIGHT: A few years ago, I asked, are Madewell jeans worth it? They’re still one of the only pairs I own, so the answer is a resounding yes. The full review can be found here.

NINE: My Barbour jacket is one of the best wardrobe investments I’ve made. Yes, it’s pricey, but you’ll have it forever.

TEN: This was a surprise! I love my Design Within Reach bookcase, but I didn’t expect it to crack this list. Turns out, it’s still a perennial favorite.

ELEVEN: I believe there’s a Pinterest pin out there somewhere of this photo that keeps making the rounds and, while people aren’t buying the exact top since it’s old, there are plenty of alternatives that are similar (I just got this one and LOVE it!).

TWELVE: There’s nothing more classic than a pair of Bean Boots, so I’m glad to see y’all love them, too. I’ve shared thoughts on the various styles here.

THIRTEEN: My Birdies Starling loafers are my most comfortable house shoes that also look acceptable to wear out. You can read my full review and get a discount code here.

FOURTEEN: I’m SO glad I finally listened to those of you who recommended the Breville Bambino Plus espresso maker, and so glad some more of y’all have jumped on board, too. It’s perfect for small spaces!

FIFTEEN: This signet ring was from my capsule jewelry wardrobe post  and I wear it almost every day. I had it monogrammed with an “S” as a nod to Adam’s last name (I kept my last name when we got married).

SIXTEEN: From another capsule post, this time on shoes, Madewell Booties have continued to sell well year-after-year.


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