A Classic, Comfortable Look: Frank and Eileen Shirtdress Review

Before I get into this Frank & Eileen Shirtdress review, you can check out my other Frank and Eileen reviews here: jeans and button-down shirt.

Love Affair with a Classic Shirtdress

I’ve always loved a classic shirtdress. Ever since my early college days when I wore my polo dresses on repeat (I kind of wish I hadn’t put those in the donate bag at some point in the past decade). Eventually, I graduated to an oxford shirtdress,  then made my way through more than one blue and white striped shirtdress, which I still wear constantly, and, eventually, landed at this ultra-comfy and casual lightweight denim shirtdress from Frank & Eileen. There’s just nothing that feels as tailored and chic as a one-piece outfit, and a shirtdress always lends an air of looking pulled together. It’s what you reach for when the sundress doesn’t feel quite right.

Of course, I’m also wearing my trust Sarah Flint Perfect Block Heel Sandals, which you can save $60 on with my code SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERB. Read my full review here!

Frank & Eileen Classic Shirtdress Review

This particular shirtdress has become my go-to dress when I don’t know what to wear. It’s incredibly easy, goes with any type of outfit, and can be dressed up or down. It has an effortless look that’s perfect for just lounging around the house, throwing on as a cover up, or belting and adding sandals and a few accessories to doll it up. These particular photos might be giving swamp vibes — I guarantee you I’ll probably swap them out at some point — but you get the vibe. This is a wear-with-anything dress.

How does it fit?

I got a size XS, so I definitely think this is roomy. It hits right above the knee.

What is the fabric?

The Frank & Eileen Classic Shirtdress is 100% Italian Cotton. Wash on cold, hang to dry (they say to tumble dry on low, but I never do).

How does it wear?

Well, I didn’t plan on taking these photos this day. I knew I wanted to photograph it at some point, but this was not the day. I’d been walking through humidity, rain showers, and even sat in the car for a while. Are there a few wrinkles? Sure. But this doesn’t look bad for 5 PM on a messy day.

How should you wear the Frank & Eileen Classic Shirtdress?

I’ve worn this Classic Shirtdress every which way. I’ve worn it with tights, boots, and a cozy cardigan. I’ve thrown on a blazer. I’ve worn it with a thin braided leather belt and a wrap. I’ve worn it with a silk scarf, both over my shoulders and tied around my waist. I’ve worn it on its own. This is an incredibly versatile piece.

Final verdict on the Frank & Eileen Classic Shirtdress review: While pricey, this Frank & Eileen Classic Shirtdress is incredibly soft and well tailored. It’s flattering even though it’s also comfortably loose fitting. It’s the type of piece you’ll wear from spring through fall with everything from sandals to tights and boots. If you have the money to spend, I’d 100% recommend.

About Frank & Eileen

In case this is your first time encountering Frank & Eileen, they’re a woman-owned, California-based clothing company that focuses on sustainable and ethical classic, casual pieces. B corp certified Frank & Eileen prides themselves on being part of the slow fashion movement, sourcing high quality fabrics and keeping all parts of the fabrication process local.

They carry everything from their iconic button-ups to flattering button-up dresses to the softest denim and twill pants to jumpsuits, sweatshirts, and skirts made from triple fleece. These are comfortable, classic pieces that you can wear relaxing at home and out and about. And, while I would say my style is certainly more East Coast than West, these pieces are definitely relevant to my lifestyle.

Note: Frank & Eileen sent me a few pieces last year and I’ve been making my way through reviewing them here! There were a few I’ve loved, and those are the ones I’m sharing. There was just one miss that did not work for my body type at all, the Wicklow Pant. However, if you’re straighter up and down than I am, they might work for you!

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frank and eileen classic shirtdress review - frank and eileen mary shirtdress review - frank and eileen shirtdress review

frank and eileen classic shirtdress review - frank and eileen mary shirtdress review - frank and eileen shirtdress review


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